The first one.

The first of many instances where I apply to a company numerous times and get nowhere. Then get contacted by a random out of state recruiter for a job at that same company…and I end up working there.


Company name: Be*** *****

Drove by their building quite a few times. Wondered what it would be like to work there on the top floor. I’m weird. Architecture is kind of important to me.  I don’t want to work at a company in an “ugly” building. It’s depressing for me as I also don’t like working in offices anyway. This company’s building was all glass and had a smoky tint to it. It looked very cool. I applied a few times, never heard back.

1  year and 5 months after my last resume submission, I’m packing up for my move to SoCal. It’s my last week in the Bay Area. My 1 year lease is up and I had about 2 months of living expenses saved up. I get a call from a recruiter who saw my resume online. Weird, I hadn’t bother to renew it because I was moving. Anyway, it was for a 1 month temp job at this Be****** company.

I figure, what the heck! I’ll stay with my folks for a few week and I’ll have some extra money for my move. I interviewed the next day (April 12th) and was hired an hour or so later. The one month temp assignment turned into a year with an offer for permanent work. The company was bought in 2008 so I ended up moving to SoCal a year later.

Btw, my desk was located on the top floor.

Not moving to SoCal in 2007 wasn’t a big deal as I hadn’t secured a place to stay – that’s kind of how I roll 🙂