Temp job ended, was on unemployment. I knew the EDD offered training funds for various trades. I unsuccessfully tried to get my training funded by EDD. The trick is to call around and find out which centers have money available for training. Once that is confirmed, go the orientation. Well, I was pulled out during the Q&A portion. The (Director?) said he wanted to fast track me because he could see I did a lot of research on this program.

Long story short, none of the centers in the area wanted to fund my chosen profession (Massage Therapy). They did offer funds if I chose another one. Eye roll.

So, needed $3500 to pay for school. I was on unemployment and figured I could save up when I found a job.

A few weeks into my search, there was an issue with my EDD Card so I needed to go into my bank to transfer funds. The teller tells me I’m pre-qualified for 1K credit card. I tell her I’m unemployed so there must be a mistake. The bank credit guy says I’m qualified (huh?) and I sign up for the card. I get it a week later. OK. So I just need $2500. I figure if I can get another card with 0% for 1 year, I’m good. Did some research on the best chance of approval for certain cards (My credit score was just OK). Approved for $2700.

I went to school at night so it wouldn’t interfere with job search. I was self employed for 1.5 years. Got burned out then started another business. A few years later, business is still going (not strong) but I am able to find work for other therapist I know. It’s a great feeling.

BTW, the CA EDD has now included massage therapy schools (NHI) to their list of “approved schools”.  Great.