I mentioned great jobs coming easy to you and this is part of it. Put yourself out there!

There’s nothing EASIER than sitting at home and having that perfect job show up in your email box.

One of the reasons behind my move to LA was wanting to work at a movie or TV studio….like every other newbie who moves to LA!

Applied to: Fox, WB and Disney countless times. Received rejection emails every-single-time.  During my time in LA I eventually worked at all 3.


Those lovely out of state recruiters. My recruiter for Fox studios was in Florida. Warner Bros. was Michigan and Disney was Missouri.

Here’s the deal. These agencies receive hundreds of job orders from various companies weekly. They are hiring for jobs all over the country. When they find something in your state they will (usually) google the distance between the job and the address on your resume.

If the distance is OK, they will contact you. 98% of the online recruiters I’ve dealt with are Indian. I love it because they tend to get straight to the point. Most American recruiters are into the whole tell me about yourself thing at first. I’m sorry, but I appreciate people who scan my resume, ask me a few questions then figure out if I’m a good fit.

Honestly, the recruiters that I spend the most time with on the phone get me horrible results. This includes local recruiters where you walk in, test, interview…yada yada yada. NOT fun. Doesn’t work for me.

Ok, so usually after the short conversation they will say “OK, I’ll send your resume to the hiring manager”. They usually don’t bother to tell you if you haven’t been selected. That’s fine with me as I just assume a company is not interested if I don’t hear back in a few days. Which is usually the case unless some exec is travelling.

If a company is interested, they will set up an interview (obviously). You won’t hear back from the agency unless you got the job. So I wouldn’t bother calling or emailing asking for status. As soon as a recruiter gets the interview request they will call and email you until they get hold of you. If you don’t get back to them in an hour, they will call over and over. If you end up landing the job, the agency works quickly. They get so many job orders to fill that the hiring process is handled online. Very quick efficient. Then recruiter moves on to the next job order.

This is obviously my experience. I know some job seekers prefer the ‘personal touch’ when looking for a job. Or if working with an agency they want to have lengthy discussions with the recruiters or meet them in person. Do what works for you. Whatever recruiter/agency makes you the most comfortable will land you that job you want.

Anyway, the point of this post was to say….put yourself out there! There are people looking for you and they need to FIND YOU!

Fox Studios – OK. Yes, sometimes you do need to put a little effort. I submitted my resume to a random job posting. It didn’t mention a studio name or anything. It just said 3 month contract. The recruiter mentioned Fox a few minutes after chatting. Got off the phone…freaked out for a minute. Recruiter sent my resume that day, interview was set up for the following week. Received a temp offer as I was driving home from the interview. Received a permanent job offer after 3 months.

Warner Bros. – Recruiter saw my resume on Careerbuilder (Perm offer)

Disney – Recruiter found me on Indeed (Perm offer)